"A great example of how good and important devised work can be... a fine piece of theatre that will entertain, delight and surprise you. Well worth a look in!” Kate Costello, Director of Galway Theatre Festival


Serotonin Syndrome Productions

Serotonin Syndrome Productions was founded in Galway, Ireland in 2011 by Genevieve Taricco and Mycah Leigh Artis. The group strives to create provokingly playful work that challenges the very definition of theatre and what it can do for contemporary audiences.

Part I

Jolt Performance by GenevieveShowcased as a work-in-progress at Galway’s Town Hall Studio Theatre on April 21, 2012 Part I marked the culmination of an intense week of solo-devising, by Genevieve Taricco, facilitated by a workshop with THEATREclub (organized by JOLT).  


Part III

Three Girls with Serotonin SysdromeGenevieve Taricco further explored the themes of depression and identity from Part I through collaboration with Mycah Artis and Kathryn Reynolds for the production of Serotonin Syndrome - Part III in the 2012 Galway Fringe Festival.


Serotonin Syndrome

Genevieve PrincessMycah & Genevieve were inspired by audience’s reaction to Part III. They reunited this winter in Lansing, Michigan to further the piece for a European tour to the 2013 Galway and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals...